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Reliable, efficient, and friendly, SEF Cleaning Services aim to cater for every customers needs. Whether that's keeping your windows clean on a regular basis or pressure washing a patio to help give your garden a new lease of life, we can offer a range of services in a professional and reasonably priced manner.

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Professional Services

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Window Cleaning

Using the latest water fed pole system with Reverse Osmosis and Deionising Purification to ensure a perfectly clean and sparkling finish every time. All of this can be done from the safety of the ground allowing us to reach even the most awkward of windows.


Fascia, Soffits and Gutter Cleaning

Bringing your Fascias, Soffits and Gutters back to life by removing any build up of grime, algae and mildew, our team will always provide the highest attention to detail to get that perfect finish.

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Gutter Clearing

Over time gutters can become full of moss, leaves and any other debris that falls from your roof or surrounding trees. If left the problems it can cause to your house and garden can be extremely costly. We use a gutter vacuum to remove anything sitting in the gutter and allow water to freely flow to your down pipe. This is another service that can be carried out from the safety of the ground making the job more time efficient and cost effective.


Pressure Washing

Using a modern petrol powered machine with adjustable pressure to suit every job, we can bring even the dirtiest of surfaces back to life.
As an addition we offer the option to treat various surfaces to prevent regrowth and keep it looking cleaner for longer.


Roof Cleaning and Treatment

Over time the roof of your property can get infested with moss and lichen. Not only does this look unpleasant, but can cause serious and long lasting damage. We offer a full moss removal and softwash treatment for your roof. Once the majority of the organic matter has been scraped and cleared, we use an active biocide treatment that overtime will kill off any remaining organic matter and prevent regrowth for up to 2 years.

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Due to it's constant exposure to all types of weather, conservatories can become coated with algae, moss and other types of organic matter. Whether it's a full conservatory valet or keeping those windows nice and clean on a regular basis, we can offer a service to suit your needs.


Last Thursday, Sol came and cleaned our windows, pressure washed our driveway and gave it an anti moss treatment. Sol was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He did a very thorough job and the service he delivered was great value for money. We were so happy with the job he did, we have booked up for regular window cleaning. Would highly recommend!

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